COMPODYNAMIC  recently extended its services to customers abroad by offering  the following benefits:


Excellent Services: Our team of experts and long-experienced professionals in the field of Intellectual Property Law supported by specialists  in the field of technical sciences is  available and committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards in creativity and  problem-solving .

Reasonable Rates: We are sure that you will find our schedule of charges enough  cost-effective and advantageous.

Flexible Systems: We have organized and arranged our systems  to make  them flexible enough to match continuous changes and meet our  customers  expectations.

  Our mission is to serve your needs in Italy and in European Community with  the aid of our collaborators  based in  Rome (Italy), Alicante (Spain),  Geneve (Swiss).


COMPODYNAMIC was founded in 1994. It has been growing steadily  since then .

Today, COMPODYNAMIC is well-positioned to offer a practical global service to meet the requirements of our customers in the field of  Intellectual Property. Our mission is to help our customers to benefit effectively from their Intellectual Property rights, through the practicality and commitment of our professional staff.

Our collaborator are located in Rome,  by means of which we may assure a fast access to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) and enabling us to provide faster results to all overseas customers and oversea associates, especially when personal interviews are needed.


Over the years an increasing number of customers have asked our company to resolve problems of various kinds in the Intellectual Property field, such as having Trademark Applications registered, despite official objections and to defend Trademarks against oppositions, as well as lodging oppositions against infringing Trademarks.

COMPODYNAMIC  is fully able to handle responding to the Italian Patent Office's or EUIPO provisional refusal to register an International or EU Trademark, and defending such Trademark against alleged prior rights.


COMPODYNAMIC is also able to provide other services  including  Anticounterfeiting and Piracy,  CE Marking and Technical Documentation, Licensing .


Our company policy is based on pragmatism and flexibility, i.e. all work is performed as speedily and efficiently as possible. In case of special circumstances and/or needs, the company staff is always available to deal with such matters in a flexible and cooperative manner.


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